Roles de género y salud de mujeres y hombres

  1. Matud Aznar, María Pilar
  2. Bethencourt Pérez, Juan Manuel
  3. Ibáñez Fernández, Ignacio
  4. López Curbelo, Marisela
  5. Gomà Freixanet, Montserrat
  6. Aguilera Ávila, Laura
  7. Grande Baos, Joaquín
Análisis y modificación de conducta

ISSN: 0211-7339 2173-6855

Year of publication: 2009

Volume: 35

Issue: 152

Pages: 37-48

Type: Article

DOI: 10.33776/AMC.V35I152.1224 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openDialnet editor

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The purpose of this study is: (1) to analyze the association of masculinity and femininity with health; (2) to explore whether there were differences in masculinity and femininity among the people of two different Spanish autonomous communities. The sample was comprised of 533 individuals from the general population. No differences were found between masculinity and femininity between the people from the two autonomous communities. Masculinity was associated with self-esteem, both in the women�s and the men�s samples. In the women�s sample, masculinity was associated with mental health and femininity was associated with self-esteem. In the men�s sample, femininity was associated with anxiety and somatic symptoms, and with self-confidence.