Caso clínico: cuando el cuidador se descuida. Abordaje familiar y comunitario

  1. Virginia García Moreno
  2. Pedro Ruymán Brito Brito
  3. Eneida Palmero Tomé
  4. Teodoro González Pérez
  5. Gonzalo Duarte Climents
  6. Pablo Jerez Herrera
Revista Iberoamericana de Enfermería Comunitaria: RIdEC

ISSN: 1988-5474

Year of publication: 2015

Volume: 8

Issue: 2

Pages: 6-17

Type: Article

Export: RIS


Clinical case: when the caregiver does not care. A family and community approach Psychosocial support is a priority intervention needed by caregivers of people suffering certain chronic diseases. Commu- nity liaison nurse is a healthcare worker in Primary Care who is focused on dependent elderly people and their caregivers, both at institutions and at home, and coordinates all social and healthcare resources available. Mr. AG is a 80-years-old caregiver who shows personal carelessness, suffers multiple disorders, and receives polypharmacy. He lives with his wife. She has a mental illness and Mr. AG has given up as her caregiver. Innovation in nursing assessment tools use allowed a care plan to be developed, based on a standardized language using NANDA-I, NOC, and NIC taxonomy, with evidence-based interventions. Mr. AG health status improved thanks to a multidisciplinary follow-up plan based on the caregiver-recipient binomial.