Hacia una educación física inclusiva: Análisis de la intervención docente y su efecto en la inclusión del alumnado con discapacidad motriz, en su autoconcepto y en las expectativas del grupo-clase.

  1. Fernández Cabrera, J. Miguel
  2. Pintor Díaz, Patricia
  3. Hernández Sánchez, Judith
  4. Hernández Álvarez, Adelto

ISSN: 1989-2837

Year of publication: 2009

Issue: 2

Pages: 17-27

Type: Article

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In this article we analyze the educational intervention influence on the inclusion of the pupils with motor handicap in P.E. classes. Low or little participation in this subject can have negative effects in the development of the basic motor capacities and the social relationship, as well as an unfavourable incidence in his self-confidence, corporal image and autonomy. We present a research model A-B with two didactic units, with a collaborative process of action-research. The observational methodology has been used to analyze the evolution of the educational intervention and its effects in the inclusion of the pupils with motor handicaps. Considering the results, we can deduce that the adoption of inclusive strategies in a collaborative process is not only going to favour the inclusion of the pupils with handicaps in the sessions, but it can also constitute a formation model that makes it possible to the teacher to improve his compromise with the practice.