Valoración del riesgo de neuropatía periférica diabéticadiseño y validación del procedimiento para cribado enfermero NeuDiaCan

  1. Carlos Enrique Martínez Alberto
  2. Pedro Ruymán Brito Brito
  3. Domingo Ángel Fernández Gutiérrez
  4. Patricia Cabrera García
  5. Alfonso Miguel García Hernández
  6. Sara Darias Curvo
  7. Armando Aguirre Jaime
Enfermería clínica

ISSN: 1130-8621

Year of publication: 2020

Volume: 30

Issue: 2

Pages: 89-98

Type: Article

Export: RIS
DOI: 10.1016/j.enfcli.2019.07.006 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR


Objective To design and validate a nursing screening procedure for diabetic peripheral neuropathy in primary care. Methods The study was carried out in three phases. 1)Construction of an item bank to form the procedure with an exit score describing the patient's clinical situation. 2)Test and reduction of the initial tentative procedure on a sample of 50 patients using community nurse consultations, eliminating the components with low inter-intra nurse reliability. 3)Validation of the version of the procedure obtained in the previous step on a sample of 106 patients. Calculation of validity and reliability by eliminating components with low criterion validity with respect to the results of the diagnostic electromyography used as a reference standard. Cut-off points were estimated for the use of the procedure as a screening tool, predictive values, performance, internal consistency and inter-nurse reliability. Results The initial tentative procedure consisted of 12 components that were reduced to 10. In the process of validation of this second version the procedure was simplified again, eventually comprising 6 components, with a cut-off point of 2.5 in its output scale, the point at which it reaches adequate values of sensitivity and negative predictors to be used as a screening instrument. For this cut-off point the inter-intra nurse reliability, criterion validity and predictive validity reached acceptable values. Conclusions NeuDiaCan as a nursing screening procedure for diabetic peripheral neuropathy in primary care is valid, reliable and easy to use.