La formación entre iguales del Pdiun reto en la universidad

  1. Claudia Hernández
  2. María Aránzazu Calzadilla Medina
Cuadernos jurídicos del Instituto de Derecho Iberoamericano

ISSN: 2386-9224

Year of publication: 2021

Issue: 1

Pages: 464-475

Type: Article

Export: RIS


The transfer of the teaching-learning process to virtual environments brought with it an intense demand for training in digital resources on the part of university teachers. To address this challenge, the College´s Law direction team promoted a training program aimed at teaching and research staff. However, due to the overload of the University’s virtual teaching unit, it was not possible to entrust the task to experts in virtual resources for teaching. For this reason, teachers of the Faculty who knew methodologies based on the use of digital technologies were contacted and they were invited to share their knowledge by giving workshops. In particular, a two-week training program was designed during which sessions on different digital resources for teaching and virtual assessment were given. These training actions were well received and showed that peer teaching creates an informal and accessible environment that favors success in the acquisition of digital skills. The degree of satisfaction has been so wide that the continuation of the workshops during the next academic year has been requested