Uso de los juegos de manos en el ámbito de las matemáticas

  1. Ignacio González Puelles de Antonio
Supervised by:
  1. Dorinda Mato-Vázquez Director

Defence university: Universidade da Coruña

Year of defence: 2021

  1. Margarita R. Pino Juste Chair
  2. María Cristina Naya Riveiro Secretary
  3. Víctor M. Hernández Rivero Committee member

Type: Thesis


Mathematics is, for most students, a set of meaningless numbers, formulas and algorithms, where there is only one path that leads to the solution. Some of the causes are the low motivation of students, the way in which the teacher teaches the subject, not finding application to their learning and the lack of tools and resources that make the subject more attractive. This research project aims to analyse the benefits of the use of playful-manipulative didactic material, with Educational Magic resources, for the teaching of Mathematics in a sample of students of 4th and 5th grades of Primary Education in four schools. For this purpose, quantitative and qualitative methodologies are used through techniques such as questionnaires, interviews and documentary analysis. The conclusions show improvements in the answers of the students after the application of the Magic tricks in the teaching of Geometry, with differences in relation to the variables Sex, Course and Educational Centre; as well as, with respect to the dimensions Pleasure and motivation, Usefulness and future value and Perception of the teacher by the student.