Ensayo preliminar en mejora de pastos de secano en una zona marginal de la isla de Tenerife

  1. P. Méndez
  2. A. Sicilia
  3. S. Álvarez
  4. A. Reyes
  5. F. Cubas
  6. Luis Alberto Bermejo Asensio 1
  1. 1 Universidad de La Laguna

    Universidad de La Laguna

    San Cristobal de La Laguna, España

    ROR https://ror.org/01r9z8p25

Pastoralismo y vías pecuarias: conectando tradición e innovación
  1. Sonia Roig Gómez (coord.)
  2. Olivia Barrantes Díaz (coord.)

Publisher: Sociedad Española para el Estudio de los Pastos

ISBN: 978-84-608-7708-0

Year of publication: 2018

Pages: 348-356

Congress: Pastoralismo y vías pecuarias: conectando tradición e innovación (57. 2018. Teruel)

Type: Conference paper


Preliminary essay in the context of a rural development project, that has been running fortwo years, in order to respond to local problems, adapting to the ability of the goat herdersto incorporate the results. The objective is to study the effect of simple treatments on theproductivity and quality of rainfed pastures located in a marginal area of Tenerife. This trialwas carried out on terraces of abandoned crops, where the treatments consisted in thecombination of the minimum-tillage (ML) and the no-tillage (NL) with sowing (S) and notsowing(NS) of a mixture of seeds constituted by a local wild species (the tedera:Bituminaria bituminosa) together with english ray-grass (Lolium perenne). Relativeabundance is estimated through transects; the biomass and nutritional value by randomcuts and livestock preference by determining animals present in each plot at certain times.The results indicate a greater effect of the terraces factor than of the treatments in thevariables studied. The preference of the goat herd seems not to be related to the nutritionalvalue of the grass. Productivities were higher in the no-tillage treatments and the sowinghad no impact on the production or quality of the grass. It is recommended to enrich thepasture with legumes, using high sowing doses, which make them competent against theexisting grasses that, in general, are of low nutritional value.