Las luchas por un espaciola iniciativa «Queremos un parque en Leipzig» (Alemania)

  1. Alejandro Armas Díaz 1
  2. Christel Eißner 1
  1. 1 University of Leipzig

    University of Leipzig

    Leipzig, Alemania


XXIV Coloquio de Historia Canario-Americana
  1. Elena Acosta Guerrero (coord.)

Publisher: Casa de Colón

Year of publication: 2021

Congress: Coloquio de Historia Canario-Americana (24. 2020. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

Type: Conference paper


At the end of 2016 two trailer camps, some residents and local associations organized and founded an alliance in Volkmarsdorf (a district of Leipzig). They wanted to give a new use to a private brownfield in their neighborhood located in northeastern of the city. Some years before, in 2010, the local administration approved a plan to convert a considerable part of the brownfield into a green space, more precisely in an urban forest. This was supposed to happen before the end of 2017 as a compensatory measure related to the construction of a tunnel in the city. With the slogan Wir wollen einen Park! (we want a park!), the alliance claims a multifunctional green space, its design and the self-management of the brownfield. Means interviews and focus groups we explore how alliance´s member organize themselves and how do they mobilize the concepts emancipation and self-organization. We found that the brownfield had an emancipatory function, that self-organization is discussed internally but the concept is reconcilable with the design of a multifunctional space.