Department: Economía, Contabilidad y Finanzas

Area: Fundamentals of Economic Analysis

Research group: Desarrollo Económico, Energía y Transporte


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Research field: Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas

Doctor by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid with the thesis Ensayos sobre las consecuencias económicas del envejecimiento de la población 2003. Supervised by Dr. José Victor Ríos Rull, Dr. Vincenzo Galasso.

I am an Associate Professor of Economics at Universidad de La Laguna (ULL) in Tenerife, Spain. Development and Public Economics are my two main research fields. I am interested in economic growth, the development process and the interaction with corruption, predation and institutions. Regarding to Public Economics, I am interested in tax evasion, criminal activity and welfare policies. I also have interest in Political Economics and their contribution to explain public finance issues and intergenerational problems. Behavioral Economics and Household decisions are my other research fields. In particular, I have studied issues of labor supply and intergenerational composition of households.