Department: Economía, Contabilidad y Finanzas

Research institute: IUDR institute

Area: Fundamentals of Economic Analysis

Research group: Development, inequality and environment

Research group: Economía del Transporte, Sostenibilidad y Desarrollo Regional


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Área de investigación: Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas

Doctor by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona with the thesis Welfare anda growth effects of the public investment/output ratio 2000. Supervised by Dr. Alfonso Novales Cinca.

Gustavo A. Marrero is Full Professor (Catedrático de Universidad) in Economic Analysis since September 2018, and he is the Director of Research Center of Social Inequality and Governance – CEDESOG, at Universidad de La Laguna. He teaches and researches in the areas of Economic Growth, Income Inequality and Energy Economics. According with the REPEC-IDEAS classification, he is among the top 8% in Spain and top 12% worldwide. He is PhD in Economics by the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (IDEA program) since 2000. His thesis was about analytical and numerical solution methods of general equilibrium growth models with public capital, supervised by Professors Alfonso Novales and Jordi Caballé. He has been Research Consultant at the World Bank in 2012 (4 months), for which he received a mobility research grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education (Salvador de Madariaga) to conduct research about 'Inequality, Poverty and Growth' in the Research Department (Inequality and Poverty Unit), Assistant and Associate Professor in quantitative methods and macroeconomics at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (from 1998 and 2005) and Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (from 1995 to 1998), associate researcher at FEDEA during 2008 and 2011, where he coordinated the research program on Energy and Climate Change Focus -Abengoa Fedea, and visiting Scholar at Boston University (6 months, 2002) and Arizona State University (6 months, 2002). Their current fields of research are: i) dynamic general equilibrium models, energy efficiency and pollution; ii) inequality of opportunity, poverty and development; iii) climate economics, inequality, development and health. In these fields and during the last 10 years, he has published about 40 articles in academic journals indexed in ISI-WOS or Scopus, most of them in Q1 and Q2 in their specific categories (Economics, Energy or Environmental Science). Since 2000 he has continuously participated (as full-time researcher) in more than 20 competitive research projects (17 in the last 10 years) of the Program de Investigación Fundamental en Economía funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology, but also in projects financed by the European Comission (Horizon Europe, H2020, Interreg and Erasmus-Plus), Fundación Ramón Areces, Gobierno de Canarias, Fundación Caja Canarias and Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS). Among them, he has coordinated the last 15 projects.