Pilas de combustible de Membrana polimérica

  1. Asensio, Juan Antonio
  2. Peña Martínez, Juan
  3. Pérez Coll, D.
  4. Ruiz-Morales, Juan Carlos
  5. Marrero López, David
  6. Núñez Coello, Pedro Felipe
  7. Ballesteros Pérez, Belén
  8. Canales Vázquez, Jesús
  9. Borrós Gómez, Salvador
  10. Gómez Romero, Pedro
Afinidad: Revista de química teórica y aplicada

ISSN: 0001-9704

Year of publication: 2011

Volume: 68

Issue: 554

Pages: 246-258

Type: Article

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In this paper we briefly review polymer fuel cells (PEM) based on proton exchange membranes, which are the ideal technology for fuel cells at low temperature, and therefore more suitable for use in transportation. We will review the materials that compose them, but also the necessary developments for its final implementation in a market that it is not friendly with expensive technologies, even they are clean.