Los resultados de aprendizaje en competencias genéricasguía práctica para su desarrollo en la enseñanza universitaria

  1. Álvarez Pérez, Pedro Ricardo
  2. López Aguilar, David
  3. González Ramallal, Manuel Eduardo
  4. González Morales, María Olga
  5. Peláez Alba, Maria Pilar
Imaginar y Comprender la Innovación en la Universidad: VII Jornadas de Innovación Educativa de la Universidad de la Laguna
  1. Vega Navarro, Ana (coord.)
  2. Stendardi, David (coord.)

Publisher: Servicio de Publicaciones ; Universidad de La Laguna

ISBN: 987-84-15939-57-3

Year of publication: 2017

Pages: 189-204

Congress: Universidad de La Laguna. Jornadas de Innovación Educativa de la ULL (7. 2016. La Laguna)

Type: Conference paper


Since the implementation of the educational model of European convergence, professional profile of university degrees is structured around a series of competitions, including generic and transversal, hence a graduate student must demonstrate mastery of such skills . However, it is shown that in college generic skills have a poorly developed, which negatively reversed in the comprehensive training of graduate students. Therefore, in this project, there is a need to improve learning outcomes in general skills. The information collected through a qualitative analysis of a representative sample of educational guides of four titles at the University of La Laguna, allowed a more precise knowledge about the treatment they had learning outcomes in general skills. From this information, a practical guide that guidelines and concrete examples on how to address learning outcomes in general skills were collected was designed. It is hoped that this resource, primarily oriented towards the practice of teaching and learning processes, teachers will serve to improve the planning and development of generic skills.