Análisis sensorial de los vinos de Malvasía en Canarias

  1. Víctor Javier Cano Fernández
  2. Luis Antonio González Mendoza
  3. Ginés Guirao Pérez
  4. María Carolina Rodríguez Donate
  5. Jorge Zerolo Hernández
  6. Pablo Rodríguez Hernández
  7. Belén Sarmiento Pérez
  8. José Luis Savoie Gutiérrez
Anales de economía aplicada 2007
  1. Josefa E. Fernández Arufe (dir.)
  2. José Luis Rojo García (dir.)
  3. Pedro Benito Moyano Pesquera (coord.)
  4. Noelia Somarriba Arechavala (coord.)

Publisher: Asociación Española de Economía Aplicada, ASEPELT

ISBN: 84-96477-93-2

Year of publication: 2007

Volume: 3

Pages: 186-204

Congress: ASEPELT España. Reunión anual (21. 2007. Valladolid)

Type: Conference paper


The new configuration of the high quality parameters found in the vine growing and wine sector in the Canary Islands, and the ecological and socioeconomic importance of this agricultural sub-sector, demand considerable knowledge and its application to the vine growing, oenological and marketing potential of wine made with the malmsey grape variety. The aim of this paper, which is part of a broader Research Project for the �Protection, recovery and evaluation of the malmsey natural resource�, is to synthesise the results of the sensorial analysis performed within the framework of this project. Specifically, using a panel of tasters, we compare the scores obtained for wines made in the project and commercial wines, distinguishing variety of malmsey, type of production, island and type of taster, in order to observe possible differences between these factors.