Department: Ingeniería Agraria y del Medio Natural

Area: Agroforestry Engineering

Research group: Biodigestión y valorización de residuos agroalimentarios (BIVAREA)


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Área de investigación: Ingeniería y Arquitectura

Doctor by the Universidad de Córdoba (ESP) with the thesis Simulación del transporte de agua y solutos en suelos volcánicos, basada en técnicas de optimización inversa, para la evaluación del efecto de las prácticas agronómicas 2002. Supervised by Dr. Rafael Muñoz Carpena.

Axel Ritter, Industrial Engineer and Agronomist Engineer, is Professor at the University of La Laguna in the Area of Agroforestry Engineering. He developed research activities at the ULL as well as at the Canarian Institute of Agrarian Research (ICIA). His scientific career has focused on the simulation of hydrological processes at different scales; fog water capture; characterization of physical and hydraulic properties of porous media; efficient use of irrigation water in agriculture; biodigestion of agri-food waste; and the development of computer programs for agroforestry application. His scientific career has focused on various research fields such as hydrological processes at different scales; the effect of the presence of fog on forest ecosystems; fog water collection; the movement of water and solutes in the soil; characterization of physical and hydraulic properties of soils and substrates; efficient use of irrigation water; and the transformation through biodigestion of agri-food waste into renewable energy and biofertilizer. He has experience in observation and modeling of environmental processes, statistical analysis of time series; programming and data processing. He has collaborated in several European projects (Lifelong Learning Program Erasmus, and Erasmus +) and in research projects with colleagues at the ICIA, and at the Universities of La Laguna, Duisburg-Essen (Germany) and Florida (USA). Its scientific production is quantified in more than eighty publications including articles in international high-impact journals, books and book chapters, as well as contributions to conferences. He is co-author of the book entitled Hidrología Agroforestal edited by Mundi-Prensa SA. His research activity has been positively evaluated by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA), the National Commission for the Evaluation of Research Activity (CNEAI), as well as by the National Agency for Evaluation and Prospective (ANEP) as a prominent researcher for the purposes of the I3 program.