Department: Biología Animal, Edafología y Geología

Area: Zoology

Research group: Sistemática, biogeografía y evolución de artrópodos de Canarias


Research field: Ciencias

Doctor by the Universidad de La Laguna with the thesis Bases filogeograficas y morfologicas de la diversificacion del genero dysdera (araneae, dysderidae) en canarias 2010. Supervised by Dr. Pedro Oromí Masoliver, Dr. Miquel Àngel Arnedo Lombarte.

In 2010 I completed my PhD in the University of La Laguna in collaboration with the University of Barcelona. During the years 2012-2014 I was awarded by two postdoctoral fellowships to conduct research in Aarhus University (Denmark) and University of Kentucky (USA). During 2014 I was hired as a postdoctoral researcher in the University of La Laguna, and in 2015 as technician assistant in the University of Barcelona. In 2017 I was 10 months on maternity leave. Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher funded by a Marie Skłodowska Curie Fellowship at the Finnish Museum of Natural History, (University of Helsinki) and at the Island Ecology and Evolution Research Group (IPNA-CSIC) since October 2016. My main research interest is the study of evolutionary biology, focuses in adaptive radiations by combining molecular and morphological approaches. I have been working mostly in phylogeny, phylogeography, morphology, prey preferences and nutritional experiments, besides molecular prey detection approaches with the spider genus Dysdera in the Canary Islands. My current research project aims reveal which are the main drivers of biodiversity in different biogeographical areas and ecosystems (islands vs. continents) by analysing the different components of biodiversity (taxonomic (TD), phylogenetic (PD) and functional diversity (FD)), using spiders as model organisms. In October 2019 I joined the University of La Laguna, and since July 2021 I was hired as Viera y Clavijo Researcher performing teaching and research activities at ULL.