Department: Filología Clásica, Francesa, Árabe y Románica

Research institute: IEMYR institute

Area: Arabic and Islamic Studies

Research group: LATINO-ARABICA, Textos y contextos del saber científico griego, latino y árabe


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Research field: Artes y Humanidades

Doctor by the Universidad de La Laguna with the thesis La risala kafiyat al-sayb fi-l-amal bi-l-yayb de izz al-din b.mas ud, un tratado del Siglo XIV acerca de los usos del cuadrante de senos. Edicion, traducción y estudio 1995. Supervised by Dr. Rafael Muñoz Jiménez.

Maravillas Aguiar Aguilar is a professor of Arabic language at the University of La Laguna (Tenerife, Spain). Philologist, she has specialized in the research of Arab intellectual and scientific history through Arabic texts from the Mamluk Cairo and the Maghreb al-Aqsà (Marinids and Saadians). Since 2019, she has focused on translating texts by Ibn al-Khatib (1313-1374), Abu l-Hasan al Basti al-Qalasadi (1412-1486) and Ahmad b. Qasim al-Hajari (1570-1642) to understand the personal and intellectual circumstances of three people who lived in extreme contexts. Her main line of research is the study of situations of scientific and intellectual continuity in apparent discontinuous societies and periods from the fourteenth to seventeenth centuries.