Department: Psicología Evolutiva y de la Educación

Research institute: IUNE institute

Area: Developmental and Educational Psychology

Research group: Dificultades de aprendizaje, psicolingüística y nuevas tecnologías


Personal web:

Área de investigación: Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas

Professor of Learning Disabilities, he teaches at the Faculty of Psychology and Speech Therapy of the Universidad de La Laguna (ULL). Coordinates the research team Learning Disabilities, Psycholinguistics and Information and Communication Technologies (DEAP & NT) of the ULL that began its journey in the early 90s, receiving uninterrupted funding from the National R + D + i Plan since then date and is, today, a consolidated group (see http: The scientific trajectory has been oriented to the field of research of the Specific Needs of Educational Support (NEAEs) derived from specific learning difficulties (DEA) in the basic instrumental areas of reading, writing and maths. His research work has focused on the analysis of cognitive processes associated with NEAEs and the development of technological applications aimed both at diagnosing the cognitive deficits underlying each DEA, their treatment through the use of 3D video games, as well as also the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the education and training of professionals (ie, speech therapists, counselors, support teachers, psychologists, etc.) in the Response to Intervention Model (RtI). Since 2002, his research activity has been contributing to the transfer of knowledge through two routes: one, with the educational administration where it has tried to respond through research to a series of issues demanded by the educational sector and currently coordinating the piloting of the RtI Model in the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands, which is regulated through an institutional agreement with the Government of the Canary Islands (see BOC, 151, August 7, 2017-3906). And, another means of transfer has been with the productive sector through license contracts that the ULL OTRI has formalized with Canary Islands companies. Lecturer in the line of research Psychology of Language, Education and Methodology of the doctorate program of Psychology of the ULL. National Prize for Educational Research and Innovation with Honorable Mention granted by the CIDE under the MEC. He has been the Spanish coordinator responsible for the Cooperation Programs with Ibero-America (PCI) with Guatemala, Mexico, Chile and Ecuador. He has been Manager / Collaborator of the Subdirectorate General for Research Projects. Technical Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. Ministry of Science and Innovation. Author of the Spanish adaptation of the manual for the initial reading assessment (Early Grade Reading Assessment) for the United States Agency for Development that was prepared by RTI International. Expert appointed by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for the development of the Formative Assessment of Writing in Early Grades project. He is currently participating as director of the project “Technical Support for the training of facilitators and review of educational resources. Contractual for External Products and Services (PEC) ”supported by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) of Panama and Colombia and managed by the General Foundation of the ULL. Institutional Research Award for her professional career and scientific curriculum in the modality of Humanities, Legal and Social Sciences by the University of La Laguna, 2013.